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Lowe  |  Lead  |  Dir. Jean-Pierre Chapoteau (short film)

The Christians  |  Lead  |  Dir. Shaun M. Mathis (web series)


Eraced  |  Lead  |  Tawania Grangent Entertainment (short film)


Patient 47  |   Lead   |   Tawania Grangent Entertainment (short film)

Unplugged  |   Co-Star   |   Dir. Travis Adonis (web series)


​The Long Ball   |   Supporting   |   Douglasville Community Theatre


Chick-fil-A  |  Principal  |  Industrial

Tractor Supply  |  Principal  |  TV Commercial


Town Center CID  |  Principal  |  Website & Promotional


Food Depot   |   Principal​   |   TV Commercial

Urbanity LLC   |   Voice Over   |   Website & Promotional



ORS Hair Repair   |   Principal Model    |   Print, Web, Industrial

Au Courag Magazine   |   2-Page Spread    |   Print

Stephanie Bijoux Jewelry   |   Model    |   Social Media Promo

Renee Michelle Beauty   |   Model    |   Social Media Promo

Bigger Than Beauty   |   Model    |   Social Media Promo

MADUZAH Magazine   |   Model    |   Photoshoot & Feature


Macy's for Rho Zeta Omega  |  Lead Runway Model

J'Dijon Fashion Premier  |  Runway Model

Urban v. Couture Fashion Show  |  Runway Model


Studio M Style  |   Model    |   Live Makeup Demo


the ACTORS' GYM   |   Meisner Training   |   Thom Scott

the ACTORS' GYM  |   Audition Prep w/ Rhavynn Drummer

The Company Acting Studio   |   Acting Technique, Theater, On-Camera

Atlanta's Runway Diva   |   Runway & Posing




Modeling, Acting, Commercials,

TV & Film, Interviewing, Voice Over

Makeup Application, Graphic Design,

Apparel Design, Sewing, General Singing, Beginners Choreography, Club Dance, Product Demonstration, Acrylic Painting,
Watercolor Painting, Rollerblading, Running, Swimming, Rollerskating, Bicycling,

Jump Rope, Double Dutch, Bowling,

Writing, Typing, Voice Over,

Business Owner, Facial Expression

Height: 5'7"   |   Eye Color: Dark Brown   |   Hair Color: Dark Brown